Why, in recent years, have far-right political tendencies congealed most successfully through Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter? Why was Trump’s Twitter account alone worth one fifth of the platform’s total value in 2017? Why do the far-right do so well out of the YouTube algorithms, and superchat functions? Why is far right disinfotainment, from male paranoia to Islamophobic conspiracy theory, so commercially valuable to the platforms? What is so addictive about fascist propaganda that it lends itself to algorithmic success? And why does this resonance machine, harnessing the social industry’s drive to accumulate and monetise data to the ‘culture war’ recruitment strategies of neofascism, throw of lone wolf killings like sparks from a furnace? Can we blame our misfortunes on ‘social media’, or do these industries merely potentiate and catalyse a darkness that was already at large among us?