World-renowned psychodynamic psychotherapy trainers, writers and researchers, Hanna Levenson, Volney Gay, and Jeff Binder, have developed skill-building exercises designed to effectively aid trainees in achieving competency in essential Psychodynamic skills. The authors first identified key skills that trainees often understand in theory but have trouble applying in clinical work. They then developed behavioral criteria for each of these skills and created exercises trainees could practice using these skills, while also honing their own personal style and language. The overarching goal was to help trainees overcome the barrier between knowledge and practice by encouraging skill rehearsal through a simulation-based learning format. Their work has culminated in the recently published book Deliberate Practice for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (American Psychological Association, 2023). In this Grand Rounds presentation, Drs. Levenson and Gay will describe the rationale for using Deliberate Practice for psychodynamic skill development. They also will include an experiential practice of a skill from their book so that attendees can get a “taste” for Deliberate Practice in action, and they will conclude with advice for setting up one’s own Deliberate Practice routine.

This recorded lecture is NOT ELIGIBLE for CE/CME.